An EC2 instance needs to be stopped before it can be resized. Also, it can only be resized to a "compatible" type (ie, one with a compatible kernel, 32 bit or 64 bit). So, if you started with a 32 bit t1.micro you can only resize up to a 32 bit m1.small. If you started with a 64 bit t1.micro you could resize up to a 64 bit m1.large.

wintermute:~ $ ec2-stop-instances i-3e15ff51

INSTANCE        i-3e15ff51      running stopping

wintermute:~ $ ec2-modify-instance-attribute -t m2.2xlarge i-3e15ff51

Client.IncorrectInstanceState: The instance 'i-3e15ff51' is not in the 'stopped' state.

wintermute:~ $ ec2-modify-instance-attribute -t m2.2xlarge i-3e15ff51

instanceType    i-3e15ff51      m2.2xlarge

wintermute:~ $ ec2-start-instances i-3e15ff51

INSTANCE        i-3e15ff51      stopped pending

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